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Click to see details of Holiday: Eight Lights for Eight Nights

Holiday: Eight Lights for Eight Nights


"... interesting shadows on the textured, watercolor paper background. It may appear as if the candles are actually flickering. ..."


Click to see details of Collage: Torah

Collage: Torah


Click to see details of Holiday: Rosh Hashona

Holiday: Rosh Hashona


"... Inscribe Us in the Book of Life. The background sky transforms into twin tallitot, or traditional prayer ..."


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Holiday: Eight Lights for Eight Nights Eight Lights for Eight Nights
An Original Watercolor Collage
By Nina Bonos

©2005 All Rights Reserved

The candles represent any group of individuals, families, peoples or nations united in Peace.

Perhaps the candles might even represent people wearing brightly colored robes walking through the desert.

An interesting 3 dimensional effect is created with this very unique, contemporary interpretation of the traditional eight-branched Chanukah menorah, also known as a Chanukiah. The ninth candle, or shamash, is used to light the other candles--one for each night of Chanukah.

Spacers are placed behind all collage pieces, which, under bright light creates interesting shadows on the textured, watercolor paper background. It may appear as if the candles are actually flickering. All collage pieces are individually hand-painted, cut and arranged by the Artist.
Collage: Torah Torah original mixed media collage includes watercolor pieces, the Sh'ma (mezuzah prayer), handmade paper, brass and copper; and natural elements, such as tree branches, leaves, pottery chards, shells, or glass.
Available in different backgrounds: watercolor-painted paper and various handmade papers including real Egyptian papyrus.
No two are exactly alike. 8”x10” matted and 3/8” - 5/8” in depth. Can be personalized. See Commissions page for personalized examples.
Holiday: Rosh Hashona The Seeing Eye represents God's omniscience. The ladder links heaven and earth, and represents an individual's fate and spiritual development. Views of the Old City of Jerusalem are illustrated through the ladder, and the Judean desert is within the ark. The Book of Life has glowing Hebrew Chai, meaning life. Pillars evoke the temple and the Torah. Vines encircling the pillars are fashioned, at the top, into the Hebrew letter shin, another symbol for God. The sun and crescent moon evoke the change of seasons and the passage of time. Grapes and pomegranates are among the seven biblical species associated with the land of Israel, and also represent fertility. Apples and honey are symbolically eaten on Rosh Hashanah to express our desire for a good and sweet year. Olive branches surround the words in Hebrew and English: Inscribe Us in the Book of Life. The background sky transforms into twin tallitot, or traditional prayer shawls. Archival giclée print, matted and ready for framing. About giclée prints.
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